Pre-A/O Notice: 1st International Announcement of Opportunity for HAYABUSA Sample Investigation


       Planned Release Date: Late January, 2012
Planned Proposals Due: Early March, 2012

       JAXA expects to select proposals for HAYABUSA sample investigation. The proposed investigation must address the science questions that can be answered by analyzing the particles obtained from the surface of asteroid Itokawa. Participation is open to all researchers that are capable of handling and analyzing particles that are in the size range of 20-50 micro-meters. This International A/O follows the Initial Analysis performed by pre-selected teams, partial results of which have been published in the Science magazine in August 2011.  See HAYABUSA Investigators' Guidebook (preliminary version) for more information.

<link to pdf>

       Masanao Abe (ISAS, JAXA) is the HAYABUSA Curator. Masaki Fujimoto (ISAS, JAXA) is the Chair of the Implementation Committee that will handle the A/O process.

This A/O would be the first of a series to come. If you are interested in this or in a future opportunity and have comments on curation / sample preparation work, please send them to Masaki Fujimoto (fujimoto [AT]