NASA's Planetary Image Facility of Japan

T he Planetary Image Facility of Japan is an archive for planetary images gathered mainly by NASA and ESA planetary robotic probes. The archive is located at the ISAS/JAXA, Japan.

T he primary objective of the Facility is to provide data services to people working in planetology mainly in Scndinavia; researchers, students and teachers. We also aim to deliver information to school children and others interested in the subject, such as journalists.

T he facility gives you an opportunity to see and study images and other data. Help is provided to easily find the wanted data, and you also have access to computers and other helpful instruments. Small groups can also receive short presentations on related subjects.

Y ou can not borrow images or other data from the archive, but freely distributable programs and CD-Rom data can be copied to storage devices (CD-R / CD-RW) brought by the customer.

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