Welcome to the Tomohiro Usui Research Group! We are planetary scientists, geologists, and remote sensing experts.

The Usui lab spans the options in ISAS’s Department of Solar System Sciences.

As of December 2018, we are seeking new graduate students or postdocs. Candidates for the Department postdoctoral fellowship programs or ISAS graduate studies should consider applying, especially if research interests span multiple faculty. [Contact]


The 2nd Aqua Planetology Meeting was held at Kobe University, Kobe. [2018/12/22-23]

The 14th Impact Research Meeting was held at Center for Planetary Science, Kobe. [2018/12/17-19]

The Usui Research Group website launched! [2018/11/26]


Noguchi's paper on an analog experiment for rootless eruption has been published in a journal. [2018/12/27] [Link]

Usui's paper on an atmospheric pressure on early has been published in a journal. [2018/01/01]