News and Highlights


Hyodo's columns on Mars and Lunar sciences have been released. [2021/07/16]

Usui, Sugahara, Fukai, and the ISAS curation team have completed the initial description of the first batch of Ryugu samples and delivered it to the Hayabusa-2 sample analysis teams. Usui, Sugahara, and Fukai will also join the sample analysis teams. [JP] [2021/06/17]

"Why explore the moons of Mars?" Ryuki Hyodo shares the science behind JAXA's upcoming MMX mission to the Martian moons at the ISAS webpage. [JP] [EN] [2021/04/28]


Ryuki's paper (Hyodo et al. 2019 Sci. Rep) is featured in Nature. Ryuki and Tomo Usui comment on the significance of Phobos sample return. [Link][2020/07/31]

Tomo Usui comments on Martian moons' exploration in the New York Times. [Link][2020/07/26]

Sugahara is featured in JSPS(LEADER) HP. [Link][2020/07/26]

Sakatani, Matsuoka, and Noguchi’s co-authored paper ‘Highly porous nature of a primitive asteroid revealed by thermal imaging’ is published in Nature. [Link][2020/06/22]

Kanamaru, Sakatani, Matsuoka, and Noguchi’s co-authored paper ‘Sample collection from asteroid (162173) Ryugu by Hayabusa2: Implications for surface evolution’ is published in Science. [Link][2020/06/22]

The M2 challenge project has been selected for “the Student Project Support 2019” of UTokyo Foundation. [Twitter][2020/03/18]

Hyodo's paper & MMX is featured on cosmos blog. [Link][2020/02/06]

Hyodo's paper is featured on Yahoo website. [Link][2020/01/20]

Hyodo's article "Transport of impact ejecta from Mars to its moons as a means to reveal Martian history" on Sci. Rep. is published online. [Link][2020/01/06]


MMX is featured in NHK's Science Zero (11:30pm-12:00am, November 10). Tomo Usui and Ryuki Hyodo comment on the scientific significance of MMX. [Link][2019/11/3]

Sugahara, H. is featured in ISAS newsletter. [Link][2019/10/30]

Moon to Mars Challenge webpage launched! [facebook] [twitter][2019/10/23]

Usui's co-authored paper is featured in ISAS's Cosmos blog. [Link] [2019/9/11]

MMX mission is featured in the Mainichi newspaper (September 5th, 2019). Usui comments on the scientific significance of MMX. [Link] [2019/9/05]

Usui, T. is featured in ISAS newsletter. [Link] [2019/6/26]

Noguchi, R. is selected as a member of the 61th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition. [Link] [2019/6/21]

Noguchi's article on Yuseijin is published online. [Link] [2019/6/3]

Usui, T., Sakatani, N., Noguchi, R., Matsuoka, M., Uemura, C., Kajitani, I. and Takano, A. join the JpGU Meeting 2019 (Chiba, Japan) [Link] Noguchi, R. presides over the planetary volcanology session. [Link] [gallery] Usui T. presents the Japanese Mars Exploration. [Link] [2019/5/26-30]

Usui T. presents the Japanese Mars Exploration Program at the American School in Japan @asij Space Club. [Link] [2019/5/21]

Hayabusa2 initial science reports (Sakatani, N., Noguchi, R., Matsuoka, M., and Shimaki, Y. are participated in as coauthors) are published in the Science Magazine [Publications] [2019/3/20]

Usui, T., Sakatani, N., Noguchi, R., and Matsuoka, M. join the 50th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference(Woodlands, Texas, USA). [Link] [gallery] [2019/3/18-22]

The 1st International Workshop for Aquaplanetology is held at ELSI [Link] [2019/3/4-6]

The 1st International Winter School for Aquaplanetology is held at Koyasan University [Link] [2019/2/28--3/3]

The 20th Symposium on Planetary Sciences is held at Tohoku University, Japan [Link] [2019/2/18-21]

Usui's article on geology and mineralogy of water on Mars is published in a textbook [Link] [2019/3/11]

Usui joins a conference for the international space exploration [Link] [2019/3/12]

Usui gives a public talk about the exploration on Mars [Link] [2019/3/1]

Sakatani and Shimaki reported results of TIR on Hayabusa2 in TherMoPS III, Hungary [Link] [gallery] [2019/2/25]

Usui gave a public lecture about the history of water on Mars at 2018 JpGU winter school for high school students [YouTube] [2019/2/3]

Noguchi and Shimaki's web article on nomenclature of Ryugu is now available. [2019/1/21] [Link]


Noguchi's paper on an analog experiment for rootless eruption is published in Earth, Planets and Space. [2018/12/27] [Link]

The 2nd Aqua Planetology Meeting was held at Kobe University, Kobe. [2018/12/22-23] [Link]

The 14th Impact Research Meeting was held at Center for Planetary Science, Kobe. [2018/12/17-19]

The 2nd IRSG & M-scale Joint Meeting and 11th HJST were held at Ryugujo Spa Hotel Mikazuki in Kisarazu, Chiba. [2018/12/2-4]

The Usui Research Group website launched! [2018/11/26]